In a world of monsters, this is the only way to protect the country.

Suicide Squad (2016)
Written & Directed by David Ayer

If you really, really enjoyed Suicide Squad, you might as well leave before I offend you.

I went into Suicide Squad with very little expectation, I know better than to jump on DC hype these days so instead of being extremely disappointed, I got what I assumed I’d get. A halfarsed, rushed fanboy flick. The film as a whole feels like a trailer for the director cut that will be released at a later date and yet again, I feel like I saw the film before I saw the film because the trailers just gave away way too much. The critics hate it, the comic book fans love it, I am sat here, yet again, completely indifferent. I simply do not care for it.

We are thrown immediately into the fold, with the opening 20 minutes introducing us to a handful of characters. Deadshot, Enchantress and Harley got a solid 5 minutes each where as  Boomerang, Croc and El Diablo barely got a minute. Katana and Slipknot didn’t even get an introduction at the beginning f the film, just a little something when they were later brought into the team. I mean, the film might as well have been called the Harley Quinn Show starring Deadshot.
I wanted to write a long and in depth review of this but the more I think about it, the more it numbs my brain. The film is rushed. Jumpcuts galore. The film is a jumble of two different edits. One, that was the typical “DC” edit and one that was more light hearted, humorous, with the Marvel edge. The executives decided that a mixture of the two was the best route to take but because of this, the film just doesn’t work. It’s confused about what it wants to be. Sure, it’s fun but even the action is poor. The standard of superhero films is set so damn high and yet again, this is left reaching for the bar but from miles away.

Casting. Will Smith is playing his usual father-trying-to-protect-child role. He does it well, naturally, it’s pretty much all he’s known since his youth but still, same old. Margot was alright, yet any beautiful and young actress could have played Harley Quinn. It felt like I was watching Margot Robbie acting as a crazy, beautiful woman (which we are told about a thousand times, she’s crazy but she’s beautiful, stay crazy doll, she’s so crazy, oh my god cray cray WE GET IT, JESUS!) as opposed to watching Harley Quinn. I can enjoy a film more when an actor or actress simply IS the character. She just wasn’t, she was Margot Robbie. Also, whilst we are chatting about Harley, at what point was she taken to a salon? Or provided with hair dye? One second she has waist length blonde hair and the next, it’s shorter and perfectly dip dyed, just like it was before she was arrested. When? How? Continuity errors. I wanted to love Jared Leto as the Joker. He was the one thing I was holding faith in. As an exceptional method actor, I thought he’d just be perfect. I hated the gangster thug image he was given, I hated his Darth Vader breathing (as far I know it’s never mentioned that the Joker has respiratory problems) and I hated the lines he was given. I will be watching the directors cut because he is my last hope still. With everything else that’s rumoured to be filmed, maybe he will still be the saving grace. Joel Kinnaman was pretty damn good as Rick Flag, I enjoyed him. The real heroes for me were Jay Hernandez (El Diablo) and Viola Davis (Amanda Waller). It was a crying shame that Diablo didn’t have more screen time. His character had one of the most intriguing backstories, he carried his torment well throughout the film and I believed him. Just as I believed Amanda Waller. Viola Davis channels evil, stony-faced and cruel bitch like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t say much about the other characters, they just didn’t have enough time on screen to take much from them.

The design was pretty, DC certainly do know how to make their images pop. Their use of colour is outstanding. They know to set up their lighting. The know how to screen a shot. The know how to make you focus on certain areas. The know to please the eye. Just a crying shame that they can’t please anything else.

Yet again DC, I am left wanting.


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