So I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Directors: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo


This film was so fucking good. Seriously. This is how you make a superhero movie. I feel I should just leave this for dramatic effect and write nothing else.
Okay I can’t do that. There will be spoilers ahead though so this is your warning to close the page if you haven’t yet seen the latest addition to the Captain America franchise.
The Russo brothers have beyond doubt perfected the art of melding together action, heartbreak, conflict, comedy and brotherhood. DC need to give these guys a bell. CA: Civil War should feel overcrowded and overdone but it doesn’t. It should feel rushed, it didn’t. It defies everything it SHOULD be and just simply is, you know? The fan service is unreal. So many tiny nods to character quirks and focusing on how the chemistry between characters flow, personalities clashing and coming together all over the place and it’s just a perfect, perfect mess of joy for Marvel lovers, quickly becoming a favourite for all.
The marketing was so tastefully done. If we compare the advertising for BVS and CA, it’s almost hilariously embarrassing on behalf of DC. My friends and I discussed quite often how we thought we’d already seen BVS after watching the extended trailer and we were right, nothing surprised me. Everything I saw, I expected. On the other hand with CA, there was so much hidden from us and in plain sight too. Anyway, I’m not here to discuss how to market movies. If I was, I’d say everyone needs to be researching the Deadpool method.


I think what I adored most is the conflict. No party is wrong and no party is right. The antagonist himself also has just reason for doing what he is setting out to do.
The government wants to be able to hold the Avengers countable for their actions, in doing so, the government will decide the missions they can or cannot take, they can hold them responsible when things go wrong and so on. All characters are conflicted as to what the right thing to do is, some knowing they need control (Tony) and others knowing their freedom makes them readily available to take matters in to their hands at the drop of a hat  (Steve) but when little ol’ Bucky gets tangled in the superhero web, things become a whole lot more complicated for Steve Rogers.
We then have team Captain America and team Iron Man. Civil War feels very much like another Avengers film but is still so clearly and evidently a Captain America film. A very good balance. When the tension begins to rise, we have some old faces show themselves again and we have some new faces added to the mix. Ant-Man is back, recruited by team Cap, bringing a big slice of wit pie to a table of seriousness. Tony brings in some big new guns with Black Panther and a brand-spanking-new Spider-man.


There was a lot of apprehension surrounding the introduction of yet another Spider-Man and a lot of anticipation surrounding the welcoming of Black Panther. Both characters were a complete success. With both characters having their own stand-alone movies on their way within the new two years, we were given a good dollop of teaser of what to expect. Young Tom Holland is the Spider-Man that I have been waiting for. He’s the excited fanboy, the shiny eyed kid surrounded by his heroes but not just surrounded by them, he’s among them. I can see Tony Stark becoming almost like a father figure towards him and I’m completely alright with this. Spider-Man had little screen time, not too much that we were put off but plenty enough that we were intrigued. Black Panther was something else. I am oh so excited to see more of him. Not only is Chadwick Boseman beautiful beyond comprehension, he is intense, brooding, regal. His voice carries power and an air of wisdom. This casting was spot on.


THE FIGHTING. A lot of people enjoy these films so much for the non-stop action. The fight scenes step up movie after movie, I don’t know how they continue to improve when they seem flawless to me but they do. I still have moments when I flinch, like watching Tony get a battering from Bucky and Cap or I smile like a cat who got the cream when I see Bucky fling himself over a motorbike, I whisper “that was siiiick” to my boyfriend when Falcon does some awesome (literal) flying kick or gazing in wonder when Ant-Man goes big  or cheering Black Widow on in my mind because she’s a woman and she’s ridiculously hard. Action, action, action. Give it all to me.


I’ll conclude here. This a MUST SEE for all, it’s a fucking fun film. I could sit an gush about individual scenes, I kinda did a bit but I try not to. Just go see it and see it in IMAX. Cheers!

For fans of: The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Winter Soldier


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