If you were planning to see tomorrow, you picked the wrong room. We all die today.

Game of Thrones
Season 6 Premiere
The Red Woman
There are loads of spoilers ahead, if you have not yet seen The Red Woman, I wouldn’t read on. You’ve been warned.


After waiting with bated breath for a year, we finally see the return of Game of Thrones!
The Red Woman picks up from exactly where we left off and with so many loose ends left over, I couldn’t have been more glad. Let’s quickly cover where everyone is at.
Jon is still playing dead and his corpse is being protected by Davos, Ghost and co. Thorne is still being a pain in the ass and has managed to coerce the Night’s Watch into believing that slaying Jon was the right thing to do. Ramsay Bolton is pining for his lost love Myranda which was almost adorable until suggesting feeding her body to the hounds because she’s good meat.


Theon and Sansa, my new favourite power couple are determined to kill themselves so the hounds hunting them can’t. Throwing themselves into rivers in the height of winter in the snowy North and just trudging on like it’s nothing. Never the less, the hounds found them anyway and Theon throws himself before the guards to try and defend Lady Sansa. Of course the dogs smell her out but who should arrive in the knick of time BUT BRIENNE OF BLOODY TARTH. SWOOPING IN LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS, DROPPING FOLK, SLITTING ALL THE THROATS SHE CAN GET HER HANDS ON AND SAVING THE DAY. AGAIN. Man, I love that woman. Lady Sansa finally accepts Brienne as her personal shield maiden. Hallelujah. Praise the old Gods and the new!
Next, we arrive in King’s Landing to find my all-time favourite power couple. Cersei and Jaime  Lannister have had it pretty rough but I think the death of Myrcella is the icing on the cake. The one final good thing they had left in their lives has bee taken from them and I cannot wait to see fury of the Lions rain down from the heavens. We get a little peek of Margaery and she’s still in prison. That’s all we got.


Dorne has broken. I personally find everyone in Dorne obsolete. I loved Oberyn, truly but his family mean nothing to me. The big looming hulk of a man Areo and Siddig are both murdered by a couple of the stabby women, Ellaria and Tyene. No fight, no drama, just a little stab each and they are now done and dusted. Following that, we find the other two stabby women Nymeria and Obara on a boat with young Trystane, again, another little stabbing and wham-bam-thank you man, dead.
In Mereen Tyrion is mocking Varys for not having genitals and offering money to the poor. Citizens begin running away from something so they naturally go in the direction their running from to find the harbour of Mereen up in flames. I always like to see more of Tyrion and even more so if he’s with Varys so I was disappointed with this.


Jorah and Daario, the number one members of the Dany fan club are galloping around trying to find her and the stumble across the remnants of a Dothraki horde that clearly swarmed around something. In the middle of the mess, Jorah finds a ring of his beloved.
We then pan over to our Mother of Dragons being whipped by a Dothraki and listen to an extensive conversation about her vagina and pubic hair. Cracking. Daenerys is brought before Khal Moro where after a bit of banter she reveals that is she the widow of Khal Drogo (RIP, I loved you Drogo). Turns out she needs to go to a place where all widows of Khals go, this could be interesting.
Finally my favourite lone wolf Arya Stark gets a scene. She gets a battering in the middle of the street and she’s blind. We weren’t given any more information about what she’s doing or why, annoying.


The premiere closed with Thorne offering Davos and his men a pardon if they lay down their arms by Nightfall and Davos reckons Melisandre could be of some help. Then of course, the image plastered all over the web. We see the beautiful Melisandre looking a little worn out, getting her kit off ready for bed and when she removes her necklace, she removes the glamour keeping her beautiful. We are shown her true appearance, an old and withered lady with sagging skin and lank grey hair.


I loved this premiere, Game of Thrones can’t do much wrong in my eyes but I do see where the negativity and backlash is coming from, it was flat. Still, it set us up for the rest of the season and we had no gaps in time. I specifically loved the scene between Brienne and Sansa but that’s a given, Brienne was in it and she is my queen.
I genuinely believe the premiere for such a massive show needs more time. Just an extra half an hour to flesh out some parts for some of our beloved characters that were left wanting because we just don’t have enough time to cover everything that needs covering and we are always left needing more information.
Fingers crossed the show picks up!
Onwards and Upwards from here.


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