Cheating Evan-tually gets you killed.

Knock Knock (2015)
Director: Eli Roth


Knock Knock tells the story of two scantily clad, young and beautiful lasses turning up at Keanu Reeves door and systemically destroying his seemingly idealistic life.
There isn’t much to the story and the film for the most part is set in one location, in the family home of Keanu’s character, Evan. We start off by meeting his perfect 2.2 family and getting a glimpse at their lives together. Evan is a husband, father to two and architect being left alone for a while whilst his wife and kids take off to the beach when but of course, two outrageously beautiful females land on his doorstep soaking wet and seeking help. Evan, ever the good guy, helps the ladies out with some towels and access to a phone or internet or whatever they need but also, ever the guy, Evan soon becomes powerless to the powers of the young girls. Who take all of about 10 minutes to seduce him together. Now, I like to have a little faith in men but this is yet another film that plasters scumbag all over the name of man. Happily married, family man Evan, having a threesome with two young girls he met half an hour ago on his doorstep. Sigh.


I will give this film it’s dues, it managed to maintain a sense of darkness and utter despair in what is (for the mot part) a bloodless affair which is very obscure for the gore-hungry man that is Eli Roth. It’s very much a psychological thriller to the core. The cinematography is exceptional, to say the film is in one location and big props to the lighting team because Knock Knock regularly looks like a well thought out photograph.
Keanu plays his role well, an average bloke in a real bad situation and the ladies both do well but no role is worth screaming and shouting about.


My main problem with this film, is that Evan cheated on his wife, the mother of his children who has been his partner to create the lives they have built together but it’s as if Eli Roth wants us to feel sorry for him, we want him to prevail and come out on top. I’d have been happier if everyone just died. Evan, Genesis and Bell. All three of them because I wasn’t rooting for anybody.


Ultimately Knock Knock was a hot mess that I kiiind of enjoyed but I didn’t really. I don’t think Eli knew what he was trying to say, I think it was just a test to see if he can make a flick without it being turning into torture porn. If you like the idea of two hot girls sneaking in to your home, raping you and psychologically torturing you and ruining every aspect of your life, then Knock Knock is the film for you.

For fans of: The Boy Next Door, Disturbia, The Gift


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