Hi. I’m Negan.

The Walking Dead
Season 6 Finale (2016)


Season 6 of The Walking has felt like the calm before the storm throughout it’s entirety. We lost some, we kept some, we saw plenty of zombies and humans alike slaughtered, we’ve witnessed the whole group struggling with their morality and romance blossomed. I think when it comes to TV shows, instead of reviewing the season as a whole, I’ll concentrate solely on the finale and this one was a corker that left a lot of us with a sour taste in our mouths. We know what happened in the final scene but not who it happened to. I am pretty sure we won’t find out until the second episode of season seven either, the first episode probably being a what happened to Carol and Morgan loop.
Be warned, there may be spoilers ahead. If you’re not quite caught up, you my want to stop reading here.


The final episode was a very unnerving build to the group finally being introduced to Negan and the continuing hunt for Carol. Carol was found way too easily and let’s be frank, finding Carol didn’t really matter and fell by the wayside because there were more important matters at hand.
A brutal character renowned from the comics, Negan is someone I wasn’t hoping to meet at all as I know enough of the comics to know I don’t want him anywhere near my precious remaining characters. We got to meet a real life version of Trevor from Grand Theft Auto too, that was cool. Negan has met his match with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I love to see an actor adopt their character and every little horrific personality trait they posses. He was ideal and I truly can’t want to see more of him on screen with Lucille in hand. Ultimately I’m left frustrated. I’m hoping that the show didn’t go for the obvious and copy who got a taste of Lucille (mainly because he’s my favourite character) but also because it would feel like a cop out. I know who did die in the final scene though. I know who took Lucille to the face. It was the audience. It was me. Every Monday I’m sad that The Walking Dead isn’t here and every day I’m wondering who we have lost.



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